conductors, cables, wire and ropes


Copper conductors, cables, wire and ropes are produced in Serbia of 100% Serbian copper and aluminum. Therefore, we can supply them with ~ Eur 1~ form. This mean that they are not subject to additional 4.8% European duty!

    In our offer we have:

      1. Metal conductors

      The basic production program includes:

      • wire drawing from nonferrous metals and nonferrous metal alloys
      • the production of wire strings and cords
      • stranding of wires
      • galvanization of wires
      • the treatment of matrices made of hard metal, artificial and natural diamonds
      • the production of copper and tin braided tape
      • the production of overhead power lines made of the AlMgSi alloy (A2 and A3) and of Alumoweld

      2. PlasticKabel 

      Cable production program is diverse, about the types and constructions of the cables and conductors, as well as the used materials. It comprises the following groups of products:

      • Cables for fixed installation
      • Flexible cords
      • PVC insulated and XLPE insulated power cables 0.6/1 kV
      • PVC insulated and XLPE insulated power cables 6/10 kV
      • PVC insulated, PE insulated and XLPE insulated control cables
      • Fire resistant power cables

      3. Telecomunications 

      Telecommunication’s production programme includes the next group of products:

      • Low-frequency subscriber cables
      • Low-frequency cables for local networks and network groups
      • Cables for digital transmission
      • Signaling and control cables
      • Cables for internal wiring
      • Cables for special applications
      • Halogen-free and fire retardant cables

      4. Microkabel 

      The basic groups of products are:

      • Equipment wires and strand wires
      • Cables for electronics
      • High frequent (VF) coaxial cables
      • Fiber Optic Cables
      • Cables for electro acoustics - audio cables
      • Low frequent (NF) control cables
      • Power conductors
      • Cables for telecommunication
      • Non- insulated flexible conductors
      • Cables for special purposes and
      • Non- cable products.

      5. GumiKabel 

      Cable production program is wide, but, in general can be put in some groups:

      • especially flexible cables (welding cables, railway cables, cables for crane, kordflex cables),
      • flexible cables (mining cables, cables for connecting appliances with low and medium mechanical stresses, silicone cables, cables for pumps under water, railway cables),
      • Cables for fixed installation (halogen free cables with and without fire integrity, shipboard cables, silicone cables).

      Cables are produced according to international and national standards, or special requirements of the customers

      6. Wire roops 

      Wire ropes made of bright and drawn galvanized steel wire for:
      genereal engineering purposes, cranes and hoists, underground and surface mining (shafts and excavators), ships, civil engineering (tower cranes, pile drivers, stone cutting devices), aerial ropeways, oil drilling sets, elevators.






For information for sizes and prices please email us at
or telephone us on +381(0)11 3970 300


In our offer we also have:

            Soft copper tubes

            ● Half - hard copper tubes

            Hard copper tubes

            PVC coated copper tubes

            Copper tubes for LPG vehicles 

            Conductors, cables and wire

            Trolley and catenaries wire


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